Week 39 (prodromal labor & the waiting game)

As week 39 is coming to a finale & I’m approaching my due date, it only makes sense that I would be having labor signs by now. Labor signs I have had, too.

There’s this little thing called “prodromal labor” however which is a wicked little bitch.

Prodromal Labor: begins as a traditional labor does but does not progress to the birth of the baby. Also known as false labor, this stage produces signs such as contractions, colostrum, and dislodging of the mucus plug, but does not lead to true labor.

Sounds awesome…but it’s not! Lol. I spent our 4th of July weekend contracting and anticipating baby only to have a massive let down.

Starting right after the fireworks show on the 4th (10:40pm), I started getting moderate contractions lasting about 90 seconds about 6-7 minutes apart. This went on for about 2 hours and then tapered, so we went to bed. The next morning, nothing…

I went in around 1:30 that afternoon to get my membranes stripped. By that, I mean be brutally assaulted. Ha. I heard it would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t really know what to expect. Let me paint you a picture…
The doctor gloves up and lubes up. The uses the force of one hand to press firmly down on your stomach while using the other hand to rip apart your amniotic sac from your cervix. I heard tearing and squirting and assumed that my insides had just ruptured. I was talking through it but took a moment to say “holy f***” only to instantly apologize for swearing.

We went into town before heading home to walk around and let the induction process begin. I has pink-tinged discharge that whole day!

On the evening of July 5th, I started getting stronger contractions lasting 60-90 seconds about 4-5 minutes apart, but no pain. We had company over, I made a pie, and was able to talk through them so I didn’t think much of it. I called the hospital and they advised I come in “if I want”. It was 11:30 at night when we decided to just go check before it’s too late. The hospitalist said my contractions were really close and consistent, but I was still only dilated to a 2, so I opted to go home to a suffer with false labor in the comfort of our own abode.

I was told to come back in when the contractions became painful, but spend the next day (up to today) without any further contractions.

It becomes so discouraging to physically go through the steps of early labor & emotionally exhausting to go through the anticipation only to be shut down and turned to just wait.

*heavy sighs*

So here I am, the day before my expected due date, sitting at work and waiting for signs of progression.

I have an appointment tomorrow to see if I’ve progressed at all. I’m always excited for those appointments but I feel like I may have a slight meltdown tomorrow if the news is “nothing new”.

I am a little worried for the next potential steps:

1. Induction. I’ve heard from moms that this is miserable. Instead of your body naturally going through the steps, medicine forces your body to do it. Once induced, you have 12 hours for your body to get the hint or else:

2. C-section. Not preferred at all! Not only do you have to go through the physical restrictions of a recovery, but you miss out on the skin-to-skin and that immediate bonding time 😦

I just don’t do well with things that are out of my control. Playing the waiting game has been the hardest part of my pregnancy!!

But…I guess The Lord just isn’t done making her all that she is destined to be:

“I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139:14

So I shall be patient. Sooner than later, the day will come and this waiting will seem like only a little pebble of sand falling in the sands of time of our new life as a family.



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2 responses to “Week 39 (prodromal labor & the waiting game)

  1. Donna VanOrder

    Relax as best you can – Hattie will come….. I like your tea and primrose ideas! I very much remember being SOOOO done with the waiting game with our first two…..and walking walking walking…even in the middle of the night! Go have some sex – and while I know you guys swore off drinking for the duration, a glass or so of wine is a great relaxer too! It’ll relax little Hattie a bit too! 😀

    • I’ll probably still hold off on the wine since I’ve held out so long already, but a glass of wine does sound nice!
      I was doing laundry yesterday and that triggered some contractions. Not sure now if I should to just stay busy to wiggle her out. Lol

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