Week 40 (still in there & push supporters)

Well we officially hit the 40th week and Hattie is still snug as a bug in my tum.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday to discover that I have an “ideal cervix”. Who knew I should be giving my cervix more credit?! I am now 90% effaced and dilated to a 3. Baby is locked & loaded in the birth canal at a -1 position (on a scale of -5 to 5, -5 would be not dropped at all and a 5 would be that she is delivered). The doctor thinks on a again that I could go into labor any minute with signs like that! Let’s hope so because I don’t want to have to be induced if avoidable!

I’m still taking EPO pills vaginally which I think has contributed 100% to my cervix softening so beautifully. Once I hit 100%, it’s game on for labor & delivery! So let’s go baby go!!

I do freak a little that I won’t notice my water breaking since the EPO pills rupture at night and I don’t want to just assume my water breaking is just the pills rupturing. However, everyone says it’s a sensation that is totally noticeable, so let’s hope so…


During our classes at the hospital & online reading, I’ve heard that it’s motivating to bring pictures to your labor & delivery room (pictures of family members or pets). It can bring you strength or support or a reminder of the big picture to distract from getting caught up in the pain.

I wasn’t too sure I wanted family photos in there…just a little awkward to have my photo-family staring into my lady parts. Ha ha. So I took the advice and had some gun with it.

I asked my friends & family to send me selfies of them giving me support via “thumbs up” or “making their best push-face” etc.

The response was epic!! Check out my collage:


I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Now maybe I can take a break between contractions to laugh a little bit and remember that I have a huge support system cheering me on!! Whoop whoop!


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