What’s in My Hospital Bags & Birth Plan

Okay I’m finally getting around to taking pictures of what’s in out hospital bags and sharing our birth plan, so here ya go…

Hospital Bag #1: For Hattie



-“Skip Hop ‘Duo’ Diaper Bag” in grey/white
-Customized heavy blanket



-Summer Infant Swaddler x2
-Assorted Onesies x4
-Breathable Swaddling Blanket x1
-Pacifier x1
-Pacifier Clip x1
-Hat x2
-Decorative Hat x1
-Socks x3
-No-scratch Mittens x3
-Care Kit including nail clippers

Here’s how it all looks when put neatly in the bag:



Hospital Bag #2: For Mommy


I wish I could tell you about this bag, but I’ve had it forever and I’m pretty sure I bought it from Target.



-Support Collage (see previous blog post for details on this)
-Tennis Balls (for back massages)
-Nursing Bra (from Gordman’s)
-Breast Pads (Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads)
-Breast Pump (AVENT)
-Nipple Cream (Boob-Ease)
-Relaxing Music (sounds of rain)
-Belly Band (UpSpring Shrinkx)

Of course we each have a bag of clothes, but I didn’t photograph those. Here is what I packed:

-Yoga pants
-Sports Bra
-Yoga Shorts
-Pajama Bottoms
-Cotton Tee
-Boy Short Cut Panties
-Monkey Slippers
-Zipper Hoodie
-Long Sleeve Tee

The hospital will providing me with disposable panties and pads, so I will be stocking up on those!

Also Not Pictured:

-Cellphones and Chargers
-Toiletries (deoderant, toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, brush, hair-ties, straightener, blow dryer, hairspray, etc)
-Relaxing CD sounds of thunderstorms (favorite!)
-Digital Camera with Charger
-Registration Paperwork
-The Baby Book


The Birth Plan:


This was much shorter until we had our birthing class. We decided to add a fewer more details such as an emergency plan & a reminder that we would like footprints in our baby book! I was advised by reading online to make 3 copies…just in case. I have all 3 copies in a clear sheet to keep it from getting wet or wrinkled.


I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have questions about the items I have or would like more images.


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