Week 40 (the end is near)

So….since I will soon be transitioning from pregnant woman to momma, I’m gonna have to revamp my blog. The only set-back is that my computer is broken and it’s too hard to do that from my phone. Soon enough I suppose.

While wrapping up my pregnancy, I’m thinking about all the things that have happened. This journey has been so amazing!! I can’t believe how blessed I have been to have such a perfect pregnancy. Literally, couldn’t have asked for it to be a better experience! The hardest part has been this last month…just waiting! I’m not patient. Lol.

I have finally hit my plateau with my final pregnancy weight.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 114
Final pregnancy weight: 146
Total weight gained: 32lbs


Not bad!! Ideally, I would have been a rock star and only gained that 25lbs, but I’d rather have a healthy body & baby which is exactly the case!


Had my last pregnancy check up this morning. I was still 80% effaced, dilated at a 3, and baby’s head is low (-1 approximately still). So…since the progress has ceased and I’m already overdue, the doc had zero problem with scheduling my induction.

I’m gonna leave a few surprises for my birth story, so y’all will just have to check back in.

Thank you all who have been keeping up with my journey so far and I’m so excited to start this new chapter with my sweet husband!! We are so thrilled and cannot wait to see & hold our darling babe.

It’s going to be surreal to finally have her in our arms and to bring her home.

So here are the guesses:

Last doc guessed that Hattie was going to be 7lbs 2oz.
I’m gonna guess 7lbs 3oz because 7 is my number and 3 is Bryce’s number.
If I remember correctly, Bryce says 7lbs 6oz…

All very close together…but we will see.

Stay tuned……


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