Our Birth Story

At Week 41 (Wednesday July 16th), we checked into the hospital (St Alphonsus) at 7:00am. We were a classy pair. Bryce in his cut off tee and I in a sheer crop top….


After dressing down to just my yoga pants and sports bra, we learned that my doctor had clinic at the prison that afternoon. He really wanted to be present for the labor & delivery so wanted me to progress slowly…which didn’t sound awesome to me. Ha

At 10:00am, I was given my Oxytocin (the medicine that kicks my contractions into high gear).


They started me out at 1ml/hr and cranked it up to 3 in an hour. By the third hour, I was to a 7 and handling them pretty well.

My mom met us early at the hospital to rub my feet and be of any help. When we realized how much time we had, she ran and got is breakfast burritos which was super yummy. To help pass the time once I started my Oxytocin, my mom bought some magazines and nail polish from the store. She touched up my pedicure with a fresh new color and it was so cute 🙂


Once my mom started to rub my feet, I could see my contractions getting closer & stronger.


I was still able to manage them pretty well, but could tell they were starting to really suck!

The nurses in the office were passing around my birth plan & laughing about some of the things on there; one of them being me wanting the “fancy panties”. One nurse took it into her own hands to make them even fancier by drawing a design on them:


It was so clever. I threw them in my bag because they were too cute to use (spoiler alert…I had to use them later on).

If that wasn’t clever enough, they got creative with my monitor belly band by printing off a screaming baby & taping it in a joke they cut in the stomach:


It was a little creepy looking, but funny all the same. I ended up taking it off when the tape from the picture was tugging on my belly skin every time I moved.

Around 1 o’clock, they brought a lady in to break my water. I was curious if it was going to hurt, but it was 100% painless!! It was so weird to have that sedation of completely soaking yourself and not having any control over it. It was at this point where I should have been wearing a shirt that simply said “no shame”. Lol.
The nurse told me that the baby had made a small bowel movement in my belly and caused the fluids to have a tinged color. TMI for some….sorry….but I’m not gonna hide the dirty details on this!! I was instantly worried about her well-being, but they said it just means that NICU staff will be present at birth to make sure her airways are clear!

The contractions did not take too long to start sucking. They had my pitocin up to 10 when they decided I was contracting long & hard enough on my own to stop it.

When the contractions got so bad that not even massages were helping relieve the intensity, I opted for the nurse to get the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

She came in the room to administer the epidural and I was having non-stop contractions at this point. I was going from a “100” on the monitor and only dropping to about “90” before going back up to “100”, so it was hurting. I was trying to stay hunched over for the placement of the epidural but I didn’t tell her when I was contracting so my body would go a little “catty-wonkous” on her and ended up sending weird, shooting pains down my legs. I didn’t know if it was normal or not, so we just went with it.

After about 15 minutes, my legs got tingly and heavy & the intensity drastically reduced so I was relieved to know it was working.

However, about another hour or two into my labor, I started feeling the intensity of the contractions and full mobility of my legs which represented that the pain relief wasn’t doing it’s full job. They increased the dose and that tapered off about 20 minutes later. They chalked it up that maybe my body was just metabolizing the medication rapidly and so that’s why it kept wearing off.

When it literally wouldn’t take for my body, they decided to take it out and start all over. By the grace of God, that did the trick. Instantly, I just knew it was in a better spot and the relief was fantastic!

Around 9:00, I had that inevitable sensation to push…as if I had been constipated for 9 months and it was all gonna just come out!! I had incredible pressure in my bum and I was shaking so heavily from the blood pressure medication they had me on that I looked like a toddler trying to hold their pee until the toilet bowl.

The nurse came in to check me and told me I was only at a 9, so I should wait to push. This was incredibly upsetting because I wasn’t asking if I could push, I was telling her that I had to!!

She continued to check me periodically for the next 3 hours but I never got to a 10 dilation.

Finally my doctor came in to examine my cervix. I was so so close, but Hattie’s head was slightly transverse. Her nose was facing my leg and he wanted to try to get her head in a better position. They flipped and flopped me, had me push a fe times, then flipped and flopped me. Finally he decided we need to just proceed with getting her out and he would use the suction to assist if it never turned on its own.

They dropped my bed and my legs went up up in the air. Bryce had one, the nurse had the other, and I grabbed both. I felt like I knew just what to do with bearing down and didn’t want to have disappointing pushes, so I made use of every single one. I know this too because I would have a bowel movement just about ever time I would bear down. Again, gross, but I’m proud to say that I has successful pushes every time because of applying the pressure in the right spot!

Hattie’s heart rage started to dip and they put me in an oxygen mask. I got so worried for her that it was hard to focus.

The doctor had the suction, I had the gas mask, and I was ready for her to just be out & be safe!!

Bryce stood right by me with my leg cradled in his arm; constantly reassuring me that I was doing great, that he was proud of me, and reminded me when to breathe & relax. He got me through it by staying focused on the positivity and not letting the pain/pressure overwhelm me.

We reached that point where she was crowing. Bryce had a quick look (the one he said he would never look at) and they all said she had a head of hair.

The doctor was really shocked with her size and said that he thought she was going to be over 8lbs. I got a little worried at that point that it was going to make things harder.

It finally got to the stage where one or two last pushes and she was going to be out. I was thinking “finally!” because even though I was numb from the vaginal pain, I felt every ounce of pressure on my bones from her head.

I heard the doctor say he was going to make a laceration and then we were going to have her. He made a Hymenal laceration and I naturally tore slightly on each of my labia.

According to Bryce, her head popped out one giant cheek at a time. Lol. Once her head was out, I could look right down and see her. It was all cheeks. Nothing but big, purple cheeks. After that, it was effortless. The shoulders and body came out quickly and she was in my arms! They cleaned her up and rubbed her warm, then let her lay skin-to-skin with me for an hour.

Her head nestled under my chin and she stayed calm the whole time. Bryce and I got to share the amazing moment while she was on my skin. He hates to admit it, but his eyes welled up and he was instantly in love!

The doctor asked if he wanted to but the cord and Bryce opted out. Little dos he know, he didn’t get a choice. Doc made him so it anyway. Ha…good job!

Bryce was texting our families to let them know and I could tell that they were delivering the placenta. I didn’t want him to look over and be startled, so I told him that it was coming out. He must have heard me wrong and looked over. Ha ha…he wasn’t very happy that he had to witness parts of that. Ha ha.


She arrived at 2:16am. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and 21in long. Exactly the weight her daddy predicted! She was perfect!



My mom had barely gotten home and out of the shower before turning back around to come see her grand baby. She walked in and instantly started to cry with pure happiness.



We love her so much already!! Stay posted for more images.

Hattie Mae Bozeman
7lbs 8oz
21in long
Golden blonde hair, light gray eyes (I’m sure they’ll turn blue)
No birthmarks or scars….just perfect:



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