Hattie: Month 1 (engorgement, jaundice, & body)

The first week….we are only 3 days into this new life as parents. It’s been full of smiles, laughs, tears, patience, sleepless nights, and gratitude. Beyond anything, we are closer than we have ever been before thanks to our sweet little blessing. Love her!!

As far as the reality of a newborn and a new body…there’s so much to say and so much they don’t tell you. Well that’s why I am here…you’re welcome. Ha ha

#1: Breastfeeding
This has been great! Hattie and I both took to it like second nature. She latches on great which really helps it be less painful for me.
It’s not all great though. Even though she takes it easy on me, it is still raw and painful. My poor nips felt all bruised and every time she latches, I curl my toes in the “ouchy ouchy” motion, but then it feels better after a moment.
It is day 3 now and I have officially started the engorgement phase of motherhood. They’ll say it doesn’t last more than maybe 3 days. Though I’m super grateful to have a nice set of boobies, they hurt!! It feels like I had breast implants with rocks!! No joke. I was massaging my breasts after a feeding and it felt like giant rock nodules under my skin. I had Bryce feel so I wasn’t going crazy and even he could feel them. Again…positive note is that I have awesome temporary cleavage. Lol
I use Boob-Ease cream on my nipples after feeding. Basically feels like Vaseline, but it’s totally safe for baby when she latches back on which is perfect. I can’t say that it gives much relief to be completely honest…just moisture. Sticking my boobs into a bowl of ice cream, however, sounds way more relieving!!

#2. My Body
My body of course is different and it’s only day 3, so I’m not beating myself up. I haven’t weighed myself because we don’t have a scale at home, but there’s a significant drop of course. I still have some jiggly stomach belly that will take some time to tighten back up, but it goes down more & more each day!! I love that I can at least see some of that water retention reducing.
My butt has grown thanks to my hips widening so I may be an official size 5 jeans now just to get them around my hips, but I’m back in my jeans at least and I can button & zip them….again..my size 5 jeans, not my old size 3.
You can still see my linea negra (that dark line on my belly). I read that it goes away 6-8 weeks later, so we will have to be patient with that one.
My belly button may never be the same. We will have to wait & see. Ha. It was such a massive outie when I was pregnant that it may takes years to go back in 100%. It goes in for the most part now, but still pokes out throughout the day.
I’m anxious to be tan again but that will have to wait until I have time.

#3. Bleeding & Cramping
As if it wasn’t enough to welcome back your lovely lady-flow, the menstrual cramping makes it’s debut without skipping a beat.
When feeding, the uterus contracts, so add contractions to cramping + resting a baby on top of you = eeeeek!! Can be almost nauseating.
I immediately went to walgreens after leaving the hospital because I was bound and determined to find a better pad than the XXL lady diapers they had. My lady parts are not that large!! I don’t need a 6×10 coochie hammock cradled between my legs all day! It was hard to even walk in those.
Granted, maybe some women need more coverage or bleed more, but I could do a bit smaller!!
Now, not wearing pads since I was about 15, it was a moment of pure necessity….but utter hatred. Stupid pads. Who CHOOSES to wear these??? Ugh. Anyway…I opted for the Always Infinity Overnight because I heard they’re the best. They have wings so they stay on your panties better. However…I had the same problem…they are just so huge!! I ended up having to cut them before putting them in my underwear. The box got came with a free sample of Always Dailies…like a panty liner basically. Those were perfect sized!! I may have to change them more often if I get super active, but at least I can walk and move more comfortably!

#4. Jaundice
Our poor babe has a small case of jaundice which is some yellowing in the skin. It’s super typical. We had to rent a BiliBlanket from Norco for her. It’s like a little portable tanning mat. It’s a massive pain in the ass!! The cord for it makes it almost impossible to comfortably snuggle baby and so she throws a fit every time that it’s on her. This first night with this thing was hell. Total hell. We found it much easier to keep it on during the day when we are holding her skin to skin or putting it under her and letting her lay on it when chilling on the bed or couch next to us. But yeah…horrible! Wish they could design a bili mat that ran on batteries or something.
Even still…she’s the cutest little glow-worm ever:


I’ll stop there because it’s not all bad!! Yes there are nights where you just break into tears because you’re giving ever last ounce of energy & nothing is working. There are times when you wonder if you’ll ever feel the same or feel sexy, but honestly…this is the coolest thing to happen to me. Being a mom is something so awesome & I don’t even have words for the amount of love I feel towards Hattie. Watching my husband with her is a whole other ball field of love as well. I thought we has everything before her and now I know that we have it all & I am so blessed!!




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2 responses to “Hattie: Month 1 (engorgement, jaundice, & body)

  1. mommy2apirateandprincess

    Tea bags on your nipples help with the pain. Also, they make cold packs that you can get for your nipples. Ayden had a HORRIBLE latch and those 2 things got me through the pain till she learned how to latch. Hattie is adorable! Keep your head up!

  2. Stephanie

    She is beautiful! Congrats!

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