Hattie: Month 1 (thrush & sleeping adjustments)

We survived week #1!!! I can hardly believe it. The poor babe went through so much between her jaundice tests and constant weight checks. Add the bilirubin bed & tons of visitors and I felt like we were constantly fussing with her and she had no time to just unwind into this crazy world.

Now that we are into week 2, things are starting to have a pattern and we are getting a little better at this parenting thing.

Sure, I’m not perfect. I forget to pack a change of clothes or leave the diaper bag in the car or forget the pacifier when grocery shopping or neglect a few home things like returning rental movies, etc.

I have to admit that one of the roughest things was learning how to shower/bathe with Hattie. If she’s sleeping…no big deal. If she wakes up…a little harder. I bathe if it’s during the day. I put her in her lounging bouncer by the tub so I can monitor her. I shower when Bryce is home at night.

She usually sleeps very well (check out her good morning stretches):


However…we leaned at her last weight check that she has early signs of thrush. She hadn’t really been reacting to it, but I was okay to tackle it before it bothered her.
We were prescribed “Nyastatin“. It’s a yellowish liquid that you administer through a dropper.
She didn’t mind the taste so I was pleasantly surprised. However, starting the day I have her the medicine, she was fussy and didn’t sleep at all….and I mean AT ALL!! The second night, she was awake from midnight to 6:30am…literally taking making 15 minute naps at a time.
That was rough. I broke down in tears that morning around 5:00 before Bryce reminded me how strong I need to be.
I read some reviews online about how this medication can upset babies stomachs, so I didn’t give her the medicine the next day. Truth me told…she was amazing. She was pleasant all day and slept all night. I had to wake her up to feed her or she would have slept the whole night!!
So…no more of that medicine. Thank goodness the little bit of white on her tongue had already almost completely hone away just in the two days that she was on it.

Happier girl:



This girl is already so strong!! At only 8 days old, she started lifting her own head. Not completely…but a start. The other day (10 days old), I was able to get it on video. I had her resting tummy-time-style on my chest. She lifted her head enough to turn her head and then completely roll herself over. Unbelievable!!

(I would post it, but my free wordpress doesn’t allow me to)

I was so impressed!


At her last weight check, she had gained 7oz in just 2 days….weighing 7lbs 2oz. I was so happy to see that her weight was going back up after it had dipped down from birth.

She has her official 2 week wellness check up this Wednesday and I’m anxious to see what the doctor says about her overall health. I think she’s fantastic but I’m a little biased. Ha

I am so happy!! Even though it’s still hard to not enjoy my coffee or wine or motorcycle rides or going out on a whim, being a mom has its own blessings that cannot be replaced! This little babe has my heart right next to her daddy!



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