Hattie: Month 1 (lactation consultant & tongue tied)

Where do I even begin? After the second week, I notices that Hattie was getting a lot more fussy. I mean, babies are babies, and fussiness is to be expected, but literally this was more than fussiness. She was distressed. She would scream & scream until she would zero-out. I would cry and cry because I could tell that she needed me to help her but I didn’t know what to do!

I would nurse her because that seemed to calm her, but only for a short period of time and then she would cry & scream again for hours!!

The worst night was when she cried from 11:30 to 6:30 the next day before falling asleep.

She would only nap for about 20-30 minutes at a time before crying again. I couldn’t help but cry myself. I felt like I wasn’t doing something right…not to mention I was running on extremely limited sleep.

Poor Bryce would continuously offer to help but I knew that he couldn’t do much more than what I was doing & there was no point in both of us losing sleep…especially when he had to go to work the next day. He would get frustrated with me that I would refuse his sleep…but I knew that nursing was the only thing that soothed her if even for a short time and he couldn’t do that.

I did some research online and spoke with her pediatrician about it. It wasn’t colic to me because she didn’t cry non-stop…just sporadic and hard…like sprinting! It wasn’t acid reflux because she wasn’t vomiting. I thought it must be gas.

So, thinking it was gas, I would petal her legs, I have her gripe water, I would do the recommended massages on her tummy and back. Nothing worked…nothing!

Finally I called her ped again and insisted that something beyond what I thought was the matter is causing her problems!

We both knew at this time that she was to gaining weight at the rate she should so he recommended I see a lactation consultant. I said no the first time because what the hell is a lactation specialist going to do to help my baby?? I saw one in the hospital who watched Hattie nurse, touched my boobs, and talked about latch. Hattie was latching into me just fine so why waste the money?!

I said okay the second time like “what the hell is it going to hurt!”

I went to see a lactation consultant that week. She was super accommodating and for me in on her day off due to my doctors referral. She did this thing where they determine how much milk Hattie is getting during a feed by weighing her before & after in grand. She watched Hattie nurse, talked about her weight, and then told me that she was only getting about 1/3oz from each breast during her feed and was supposed to be getting 2-3oz.

My poor baby was HUNGRY!! oh my god…my heart dropped and I started tearing up. My sweet little girl wasn’t getting hardly anything to eat from my breasts and was crying in hunger and dehydration. Heartbreaking!! What to do?

There were so many options:

-Other mothers milk. Other moms who are still producing milk but don’t need it, donate it to other moms. I thought that this was a little weird. I don’t know about milk from someone else’s body.

Prescriptions to increase milk. This was a pretty easy option, but the prescriptions were $84-$125/month…yeah not so much!

Formula supplementation via feeding tube. Put one end of a tube into formula and the other end into baby’s mouth while latched into my breast (can also put formula into a syringe and then push it through the tube manually if bang doesn’t suck it in herself). This was hard to do by myself honestly and messy because the tube can slip out and spill.

Formula via bottle. This is obviously the most popular and most common. Babies and bottles is not a new concept…so I opted for this.

Hattie took to the bottle pretty well, but it’s hard for her to swallow without spilling because her tongue is tied. Trying holding your tongue down and swallowing…not easy!
She also has a lip tie which can cause a sucking blister…poor girl.

After supplementing, our lives have taken a complete 180! The first night on formula, Hattie slept the whole night!! With a full belly, she was able to fully relax and feel content. Finally!! Our poor baby girl was able to feel better!


I can’t wait to see the improvement after her tongue & lip tie are corrected…though I’m not looking forward to her potential pain from it 😦 wish us luck!!

Here’s the sweet girl on her blanket from grandma Dawson:



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  1. You will be amazed at the difference in her when her lip and tongue ties are fixed! You’re doing good! Keep going!

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