Hattie: Month 2 (moving with a baby is not recommended)

As most of you know, we have moved to a new home!! Thinking I could do a lot during the day since I’m not back to work yet was a mistake. I had really expected it to be easier. And honestly it is when Hattie is napping, but you can only get so much done with 2-3 hour naps. I’m only making small dents in unpacking without waking up the baby.

Oh well…gonna make it work. Eventually we will be all moved in and it will be easier because then I’ll just have to clean instead of clean AND unpack boxes.


Let’s just take a moment to discuss how this first month has flown by. We are already into the second month!! Oh my gosh. But it has been great!

Accomplishments for miss Hattie:

Rolling Over.
Hattie has been loving tummy time and rolls over onto her side. Hasn’t been able to roll ALL the way over just yet, but getting there

Holding Head Up
Hattie loves to sit up and look around. She holds her head up to look around and sometimes it lasts longer than other times. She does a great job though!!

Visual Alertness
She has been visually stimulated by more things now. She will follow your fingers or toys. She loves to fixate on light and enjoys looking at her reflection in the mirror during diaper changes.

Hattie hated her first bath (ask grandpa who was laughing the whole time). I learned that she likes bathing WITH me! I’ll sit in there with her and we have a good time.
We did learn that baby wash makes bubbles and it’s not a good idea to use the jets in the tub when there is baby wash on the water!!! Bahahaha bubbles EVERYWHERE! I was trying to cover her face while reaching around to shut off the jets. I look down and we are just covered head to toe in bubbles. She just say there wide-eyed like “what the hell???!!!” So funny!






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