Hattie: Month 2 (welcome back coffee, goodbye weight)

There I was, sitting at our new kitchen island with my head in my hands after another restless night.

“I need coffee”, I stated with utter exhaustion when I hear my husband utter the words I never thought I’d hear coming out of his mouth: “then have coffee.”

I almost whiplashed my head spinning it in his direction. I didn’t want to seem over-eager in the fear that he may retract his statement with my reaction, so I calmly say “mmm…maybe.” In my head, however, I’m like “hell yes I will have some freaking coffee!!”

I have missed my coffee so very much. I know, I know…words of an addict over here, but let’s just get real for a moment, okay. I went from a straight-coffee diet (practically) to a caffeine-free pregnancy and it’s not recommended. I’m usually thirsty more often than I am hungry (since I’m that person who doesn’t ever drink enough water as recommended) so I will have a warm coffee for breakfast, an iced coffee for lunch and maybe another one in between meals. It’s obsessive and I don’t want to hear any lectures on this…you won’t break me!

So when I heard that I had my husband’s blessing to re-consume my blessed libation, I was elated. I wanted to run to the cupboard that instant, dust off the trusty coffee pot, unwrap my coffee mugs and chug, chug, chug…but I refrained!


I have to admit, part of me couldn’t help but feel guilty as I waited for my coffee to brew the following morning. It’s such a controversial topic when it comes to mommies and caffeine. It’s safe to assume that too much of anything can be bad for you, so it’s no surprise that consuming caffeinated beverages while breastfeeding comes with a warning label. Some moms say “none what-so-ever”, other moms say “maybe one or two cups” while others say “I do what I want…and pour me another glass of wine”. I had to find my own happy medium and decide for myself what I believed to be an ‘okay’ amount.

Personally, I feel like it’s no humongous deal to have a cup or two in the morning. I’ve read that babies usually only get less than 1% anyway and she’s practically fulltime on a bottle now, so it gave me some reassurance that I wasn’t being a crappy mom by drinking my morning coffee & cream.

When I let the thought settle that what I’m doing is okay, I sipped my coffee joyfully.


I did wait to see how she reacted to it, however. I’ve heard that some babies can be super sensitive to any caffeine consumption, so I waited to see if she had any type of reaction/acted differently when I drank coffee. To my surprise (and I’m not just saying this), she did awesome. I don’t know if there’s a direct relation or if she’s just getting better at self-soothing, but she actually took longer & deeper naps on the days that I would have my morning coffee. Like mommy, like daughter perhaps? Ha. I don’t know…I won’t read into it too much, but it is good to know that she doesn’t react negatively to it because it’s been a delight to have my warm cup o’ joe in the a.m..


It’s been nice watching my body go back to what it used to be as well. I am officially back into my old pants! Can I just tell you how nice it is to have full reign of my closet again and not just 1 pair of pants with baggy shirts to hide that last bit of tummy pooch?

I’ll admit right now that I still have some tightening to do in my midsection, but at least I can get back into my old clothes to fool the world! Ha.

I know that I need to work out and I hate working out. Seriously…I like the IDEA of working out & respect the healthy lifestyle, but it’s so boring to me. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t found an exercise routine that peeks my excitement or maybe it’s because I don’t like doing it alone, but for right now…it’s boring and I have such a hard time always sticking with it.
I know that I would do it & be really good at it if I did it with my husband. I worked out with him one time and he did NOT let me slack. Not to mention, I had this underlying desire to impress him, so I pushed myself to fake awesome.

I think a lot of my weight loss is in direct relation to the fact that I have no time to eat. Not even kidding…I eat dinner and that’s only because I’m responsible for feeding my husband. If he didn’t come home, I would probably eat nothing! Whatever is in reach, I will eat. Apples, cottage cheese, iced tea, coffee…that’s about it right now.

But our dinners are usually pretty healthy. We do a good job at mixing our proteins, limiting our red meats, and always including vegetables. Again…I don’t want to hear the lecture. Is it the healthiest? No…it is what it is, though. Lo siento.

Alright, well, I think Hattie is waking up from her awesome nap, so I’m going to love on her. Just remember, new mommies…it’s always easier said than done to think that you’re going to do things according to the book and be the perfect mom, but we’re all human and we’re all doing our best. Keep on keeping on you sexy bitches J




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  1. I personally always had at least one cup!!! I’m so glad you can have coffee again!!!

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