Hattie: Month 2 (diaper rash & daycare)

The torture of dropping off your precious babe at daycare with loud noises, strange people, germs, and uncertainty is the worst feeling.

My first day back to work was bittersweet as I was so happy to get back into my work routine but sooooo emotional over taking her to daycare. I told me husband that I’m going to call it “The Playhouse” in attempt to psyche myself out into believing it’s a place of fun for her instead of the gut-wrenching feeling of abandonment.

The whole morning i kept saying “I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry” and I didn’t. I thought I would but work was pretty distracting.

I raced to see her during my lunch break and she was just calm and napping in her blanket. Whew!! Mommy happy little clam.
After work, the ladies said she was a chill baby & did really good for them. Whew again!
They also mentioned that she can really put away the bottles!! Ha. She is such a good eater these days which is awesome! I’m loving her chunk-a-munk appearance 🙂


Okay so diaper rashes…SUCK!! Hattie’s poor little bottom is so raw!

We are using the Whoop Rash tin can of goodies to nip it in the butt (literally) but it’s taking it’s time to go away.

After every diaper change, we apply cream & I use the bath wash during bathtime and it’s still there. It’s going down, but still there.

The “playhouse” lady advised to use a warm washcloth while wiping instead of wipes because the alcohol or fragrance in wipes may be making it burn………DUH!!!!! Gosh. Poor girly. I bet the wipes DO hurt.

So I have been using washcloths with warm water to wipe (which increases laundry load frequency) and she doesn’t scream at me as much during diaper changes too.

Hopefully it will go away soon! It’s miserable.


She is getting so big & expressive. She is 7 weeks today and I can’t believe she will be 2 months next week (the day after me and hubby’s 3yr anniversary).




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  1. Chunky cheeks!!! I just want to chew on them!!! ( weird thing to say…but chunky babies always create a desire to kiss &&& love on them!!!) so adorable!!!!

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