Hattie: Month 2 (tats, wraps, & crib sleeping)

It was the 3rd wedding anniversary for the hubster and I on 09/10. We were those people who took the advantage in 2011 of making a once in a lifetime date an even more special one by tying the knot on 09/10/11.


On our wedding day, we told everyone that we were going to be making babies right away. There was a short prior of time where we were super serious about that too. Thank God we decided to wait. Not only were we going through too much as a couple, but we weren’t in any place in our lives to provide the best we could for a little babushka.
We were doing well with a nice place to live & stable jobs, but looking back, we are in a much better place when we did decide to get pregs.

This anniversary was special because we decided to get tattoos in honor of our little babe. They are matching, but have their own little twist to each of them. I have her initials and Bryce has her first & middle name with one less rose. Both include the clock with the time she was born on it. We just love the way they turned out (Mandy Fell with Mona Lisa Tattoo in Nampa, ID – relocating to Boise, ID this fall).



So we finally got our crib that Pop-Pops & daddy built for her. It looks so adorbs in her nursery and will convert all the way into a day-bed and big girl bed for her as she grows.

With this new bed, it’s time for crib sleeping. She’s just this tiny little thing in a big ole crib and I feel like she will just get sucked up in it. Ha.


She’s used to sleeping in the bassinet or her gliding swing; which hug her body more, so when I lay her in the crib, she gets the startle reflex. She will flail her arms and legs almost immediately as if she is falling and wake up. She hates it. Hates it. I got her to lay there for 15 minutes at the most which is better than nothing, but still no bueno.

I was advised to have her tummy sleep in order to conquer the startle reflex and not to worry about it causing SIDS. From the words of my incredibly wise aunt, it will happen or it won’t..it’s something that is triggered in the brain and not a result of tummy sleeping (unquoted as I don’t remember word for word). But anyway…almost all the kids in her family were tummy sleepers and did JUST fine.

That being said, I tried tummy time in the crib and she woke up. I should have know too, because she always gets so cranky when we do tummy time. She gets frustrated that she can’t crawl. She kicks and pushes her legs but doesn’t quote know how to use her arms yet so she gets upset. Lol. But she tummy sleeps on me and loves it. *sigh* I don’t know…a work in progress but so far, the crib is a no-go.


Let’s just talk for a minute about how much this girl drinks! Lol. I’m so used to her being a 2-4 ouncer, but now she’s going to town and normally has 6oz a feeding and sometimes 8oz which is ridiculous! Lol.

She is my growing baby and will be 2 complete months this Wednesday! Unbelievable!!

She holds her up so good & looooooooves bathtime! Such a big girl.

It’s the craziest thing. In the delivery room, I played a cd of rain & thunder to relax me. And she is soothed by the sound of water. When she is fussy, I go into the bathroom and turn the faucet on…she calms down. Ummmm. Crazy, right!
Another soother is the vacuum. We found the things that soothe her which is great!


So I bought a Moby Wrap! Love it! Recommend it to any mommy or daddy. The cloth is much more comfortable than other carriers and there’s multiple ways to wrap your baby depending on what’s comfortable for them. My daughter didn’t like the typical hug carry so we improvised. I played around with it and found a way to get her in there that makes her cozy & she loves it, I carry her to clean house and she passed out when I vacuum 🙂





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