Hattie: Month 3 (pedialyte & pudging up)

We officially ended our 2nd month & are off to Month #3 in full swing. Hattie is in the 43rd percentile for her length/weight which is music to my ears after the weight complications we had in the beginning.

She drinks about 6oz per feeding at this stage and is pudging up beautifully!! I love her chunk and rolls.

I mean, just look at them cheeks:


She’s been doing superb at The Playhouse (daycare). Whenever I check on her, she’s doing wonderfully and usually sleeping. It makes me feel good to know that she can relax and be cozy there when I’m away.

They’ve been super helpful in teaching her to soothe herself with her pacifier instead of a bottle and laying in a crib. It’s great.


I got that call that every parent dreads from their daycares however…”something is wrong…she needs to go home”.
My poor baby!!! What happened???!!!

Poor presh had projectile vomited in the morning then spit up neon yellow mucus twice!!

I was blessed that my mom was off work that day and able to watch her since I had no coverage at work for the afternoon.
I felt so horrible that I could to cuddle her all day.
Fortunately it wasn’t worse than it was, but she had a little tummy virus & was put on a 24hr Pedialyte diet. She loved her juice.
When tj was time to re-introduce formula, we mixed it and she had her pink milk that she now demands!! Regular formula is just so boring! Lol.


She’s napping right now as I write this. It was a much needed sleep! She didn’t sleep very well last night and only took about 30 minute sporadic naps this morning.

It allowed me time to clean the house which was also much needed.

I actually hear her waking up, so I’ll leave you with some stats on the babe!!

9lb 10oz
Wearing size 3months
Hates footed pants but loves socks.
Favorite thing in the world is her giraffe, Sofie and teddy bear Snuffy.





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