Hattie: Month 4 (toes, babbling, & daddy-daughter day)

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. It’s been crazy with working, school, housework, loving on my family, and the holidays!!

Speaking of holidays, check out Hattie cake in her turkey bib (much thanks to Aunt Mary):


She won’t remember it I’m sure, but she was all about mashed potatoes. Ive been thinking that she’s ready for foods, but she still spits it out, so we will try next month. I know she hates the spoon especially because she will eat food mush off my finger, but not from the spoon….silly.


Hattie has woken up all of a sudden & fallen in love with her feet!!


It’s the funniest thing. She grabs her toes and talks to them and takes her socks off. It’s so cute. All of a sudden, she’s like “OMG these things are the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!”

Another awesome, new adventure is her trying to talk. Of course not talking in English….but babbling. So adorbs!! I can’t post video on my blog, but I have one of her talking away. It’s an open-mouthed, spitting, bubbly, theatrical performance and it makes me so proud. Baby steps to saying momma & daddy.


We have made the transition from bathtime with momma to bathtime in our bath chair…


Such a Dollie! She loves the water, but is still not certain about the cleaning process…she would rather just sit & kick.


I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, so Hattie had a daddy-daughter day. There was a minor meltdown that led to Bryce texting me his minor freak-out, but then they enjoyed a day of discovering feet & laughing.

Here’s how that day ended:


So cute!! Love those two!!


Well I should tell you how her 4 Month Wellness Check went…

She weighs 11lbs 10oz
23in in length (petite babe)
Holds up own head (still)
Conquering tummy-time
Eating 6-8oz per feeding

❤ her forever!!




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