Hattie: Month 5 (boot-scoot and food)

Sorry I’ve been so distant. With work, online courses, and everyday life I forget about posting anything lengthy on the blog, but I need to keep up with these posts & documenting my little babe before I forget to mark all these milestones!

Month 5 was a big one in Hattie’s accomplishments so far. The first being that she now officially is quite the eater! She refused baby foods when I first introduced them at 4 months and then instantly wanted them. She will eat a whole jar of baby food, if not 2 and there is not one thing she won’t eat.
We get “BeechNut” brand which was given awesome reviews.
Hattie’s favorite flavor is squash, but also devours green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas.


Secondly on the accomplishment agenda is her mobility. Still not crawling, but she’s has mastered the art of what I call “the boot scoot”. Since her legs are favored apparently, she will roll on her tummy with her caboose high in the air & drag her head forward. Since that’s too much work, she’ll generally give up half way & roll the rest of the way. Ha ha. It’s so funny to watch. As soon as she finds the connection with her arms, we will have a crawler. Lord help us then!


We had our first big & horrible sickness & of course it was over Christmas holiday. Hattie (and I eventually contracted) had bronchitis. It lasted a good 2 weeks before clearing and it was the hardest thing to watch her suffer with a nasty, barky cough and congestion. We would alternate staying up with her and cuddle time. She would just sleep most of the day & cry when she was awake because she felt so horribly.
The coughs were so scary and we almost had to get imaging done, but fortunately it didn’t get to that point.
Here’s a view of our side table those weeks:


Not a can at all!! We didn’t have anyone in town for the holidays this year on Christmas Day itself, so it was just me, Hattie, my husband, and father-in-law. I felt so awesome as a hostess being so sick & ended up burning dinner. However…got cute video of Hattie opening up her first Christmas present. Here’s a screenshot:


My mom bought her the adorable tutu with matching headbow. So adorable!! Can’t even take it. She got a couple cute gifts from family including clothes and a book! Clothes are just too fun to buy for baby girls; I don’t blame them.

We did an early Christmas with my family knowing that everyone was going to be doing their own thing Christmas Day.
My grandma (GG to Hattie) is obsessed with anything gingerbread and got Hattie the cutest gingerbread dress to wear Christmas Day!!


Those cheeks, right!!! I love them! Even though she wasn’t feeling very hott, she was a trooper while the rest of the family played “head up”.

My grandma wore this broach that Hattie spent a good 20 minutes gazing at at touching. She loves jewelry and diamonds (such a girl) and my brother was convinced that she must have been a duchess in her previous life and we don’t doubt it at all!!


Hattie did end up getting better by New Years and sports the most adorable smile you could ask for!

Weight: 13.0lbs
Length: 23 inches
Favorite thing: doggies and food
Sleeping: sleeps through the night in crib
Teeth: almost!! You can see them beneath the gums wanting to poke through.



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