Hattie: Month 7 (milestones!! first two teeth & crawling!)

Holy cow! When people tell you that it goes by so fast, they’re not kidding. 

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. My dear husband had been working out of town for several weeks and I’ve been reading in blogging time for work, school, motherhood, and some sleeping. I’ll try to do better! Ha. 

Okay, so I know this is a “7 month” post, but on the exact day that hattie turned 6 months old (January 17, 2015), she got her first tooth!! It broke through when she was with grandma and I felt it the next morning when we were at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I went to put some grits in her mouth and “ouch!!” She bit down and it was like puppy teeth (aka razor blade)

We were so excited. 

Only days layer, the second one came through….

Cute little teeth! 

I love this picture of her playing independently in the living room:

She used to have to be held all the time and would just cry when I put her down to clean or make a new bottle or dinner. Just recently, she has been becoming a little more independent and it has been great for both of us! 


To get her excited, I usually get really happy and go “Hattie!!!!” With my mouth wide open. It makes her smile and jump. However, monkey see monkey do…she started making me jaw dropping face all the times….

Ha ha. What a silly girl!!

It was the late hours of February 13th when Hattie Mae took her first crawl! My mom was staying with us and sadly bryce was working out of town 😦 

We were in awe that she finally put into motion what she had been trying to do for a long time! 

I can’t upload a video on my free blog, but it was a big moment!!



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