Hattie: Month 7 (stomach bug & standing)

This cute face had the worst little 24 hour tummy bug:

It was so sad! Even worse was how helpless I felt. I stayed up with her holding a cool compress on her head, catching her vomit in a separate rag to keep her clothes & face dry, snuggle her in her favorite blanket, and keep her hydrated with some pedialyte bottles. 

Thank goodness she was over it 24 hours, but it was a rough little go:

I ended up getting the crud too and it was horrible. With my husband away, it was hard to be an attentive momma when I was vomiting all day & night. Thank goodness the timing worked out & my own mommy was in town to help me watch Hattie! 


this little precious baby is so darn cute around her dogs! She loves Cabela doggie so much…even when she is stuck outside:


Yeas who learned how to stand up in her crib….yep….our little munchkin! 

Terrifying that she could stand up so we had to lower her mattress so that she doesn’t tumble right out!

She also loves to squish her face between the bars to see the dogs better… Lol


Hattie got some quality time with grandpa Allen while I had a dental appointments. This is how THAT went:



  • Up to 15lbs now
  • 2 teeth
  • Crawling
  • Babbling & spitting. Ha
  • Pulling herself up to stand
  • Sitting up by self
  • Favorite food: Apple & pumpkin
  • Favorite toy: remote control 
  • Sleeps: 8:30-7:30
  • Wears: size 6months tops and size 3months bottoms


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