Month 11 (I’m On a Boat….and I Hate It & Little Picker Upper)

Hattie has been watching mommy walk behind her and pick everything up & paying pretty good attention. When emptying her sock drawer, she stopped, looked at me, and then went about picking them up & putting back in the drawer…the RIGHT drawer even. I was so impressed with her ability to catch on to this little thing. I thought it was huge!

My brother joked that it obviously wasn’t a trait she got from me because I was a very sloppy child. It was pulling hair & teeth to get me to clean my room. I enjoyed my mess…because my mess was more like TeenBop magazine scrapping that I was taping to my wall…no big deal.


For 4th of July, we went up to my ex-step-dad (yeah I know) and his wife’s cabin in Donnelly. It was out by the lake, so naturally someone was going to have a boat to go out on. The first trip out, we borrowed a child life jacket for Hattie and she hated every second of it. This was a jet boat, though, and we weren’t taking any chances.

She was fascinated with the wake surfing that was happening, but was just so uncomfortable having the flotation device around her neck. Fortunately, the rocking of the boat made her fall asleep so she forgot about her misery in her dreams. She stayed on shore with grandpa for the second trip out. Ha.

IMG_4249 IMG_4233

But isn’t she so cute in it!?

Later that night, we watched the fireworks show that the NEXT-DOOR-NEIGHBORS put on. It was the biggest, loudest, in-your-face firework display I have every seen. With a $15,000 budget, it far beat the city ones that I’d seen…ever!

Keeping in mind how loud, long, and ridiculous this show was, tell me how she sleeps through it….in a dog bed on the back porch nonetheless. Ha ha ha


So funny! I guess that’s what happens when you have fun in the sun all day long. You sleep through World War III.

At the cabin (on shore this time), we let Hattie cool off in a little floaty table. That was her favorite thing the rest of the weekend…(I had to get a selfie of her in her little watermelon bikini).



Other fun mentionables:

Hattie sleeps in weird positions:

She’s a stunner in shades, but won’t leave them on her face
She’s just super cute…
This was the first time that she had fallen asleep when we were out & about shopping. She firstly fell asleep in the shopping cart & then on daddy…so cute.

We had a rather big storm hit our town a while ago. We left the door open with the screen door shut to get in a nice breeze. Hattie was so fascinated with the rain that she sat by the glass door and watched it for several minutes. This picture was just too cute not to share!!
She’s a cheezer….ha ha ha. Look at that scrunched up face. She’s so funny.
Helping daddy mow the lawn. She likes things that drive/go fast. Her need for speed definitely comes from her dad, because I’m a sissy-la-la when it comes to fear factor (except Roller Coasters…I like those).
Pop-Pop’s brother & his son came to visit (second cousins???). Here is Hattie with Sean. Ha ha…that face.


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