About Us

It’s that next step in your relationship that you take with your significant other…the “expected” next big move after your family & friends witness the big “I Do”. This being the stereotype and this being what we professed would happen shortly after our wedding was the topic of every family get-together since. Having waited 2 years post wedding to even start trying, our families were getting a little restless for the pitter-patter of little feet while we just waited for the infamous “right time”.

We talked a lot about the lives we wanted to make for a future family & definitely set goals to see some of those things come to fruition prior to attempting the baby-making process. It’s nothing to take lightly or do on a whim & looking back, I’m so grateful that we took our time with this decision.

Everyone always says “you’re too young” and then all of a sudden “you’re getting too old”. So when exactly is the best time to become parents? The answer of course, is that it’s different for everyone. So, okay…when was it the right time for US to become parents? Oh the daunting question that was. When the time was right, though, we both knew it & gave her hell.

I’ll spare you the details (you’re welcome…or sorry??), but as Bryce likes to put it, his years of hunting paid off with exquisite aim as we were lucky enough to conceive the first time we seriously tried.

We didn’t know that we were that lucky right away, though. Me being a planner and (just a smidgeon) impatient, I was hitting the pee sticks up to a week before my missed period. Nothing. Nothing every time. Just one stupid line “not pregnant”. I was beginning to think that those horror stories of it taking 4 years for my parents to conceive was going to be my fate as well. Frustration set in when I was 4 days LATE and still nothing was showing up for a result. I blew it off as stress and continued to wait.
I had a coworker at my job (awesome perks for working in the medical field) dip my urine at work. Maybe, just maybe, I thought…these ones we have at work are a little more magical than the $15 ones you buy in the store, so I gave it a shot. We both stood there staring as that one stupid line popped again…all by itself. I shrugged off my disappointment because it wasn’t going to do any good & went back to work. Not 10 minutes later, she comes running around the corner to tell me that there was 2 lines & that I was pregnant.

I proceeded to take ANOTHER pee sample on a different test and got my blood drawn. If this was going to be true, it was going to be ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, true!

When my blood test came back the next day as positive, I let it sink in that I was going to be a mommy, that Bryce was going to be a daddy…and that our lives were about to be so totally different forever.


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