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Hattie: Month 7 (stomach bug & standing)

This cute face had the worst little 24 hour tummy bug:

It was so sad! Even worse was how helpless I felt. I stayed up with her holding a cool compress on her head, catching her vomit in a separate rag to keep her clothes & face dry, snuggle her in her favorite blanket, and keep her hydrated with some pedialyte bottles. 

Thank goodness she was over it 24 hours, but it was a rough little go:

I ended up getting the crud too and it was horrible. With my husband away, it was hard to be an attentive momma when I was vomiting all day & night. Thank goodness the timing worked out & my own mommy was in town to help me watch Hattie! 


this little precious baby is so darn cute around her dogs! She loves Cabela doggie so much…even when she is stuck outside:


Yeas who learned how to stand up in her crib….yep….our little munchkin! 

Terrifying that she could stand up so we had to lower her mattress so that she doesn’t tumble right out!

She also loves to squish her face between the bars to see the dogs better… Lol


Hattie got some quality time with grandpa Allen while I had a dental appointments. This is how THAT went:



  • Up to 15lbs now
  • 2 teeth
  • Crawling
  • Babbling & spitting. Ha
  • Pulling herself up to stand
  • Sitting up by self
  • Favorite food: Apple & pumpkin
  • Favorite toy: remote control 
  • Sleeps: 8:30-7:30
  • Wears: size 6months tops and size 3months bottoms


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Hattie: Month 7 (milestones!! first two teeth & crawling!)

Holy cow! When people tell you that it goes by so fast, they’re not kidding. 

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. My dear husband had been working out of town for several weeks and I’ve been reading in blogging time for work, school, motherhood, and some sleeping. I’ll try to do better! Ha. 

Okay, so I know this is a “7 month” post, but on the exact day that hattie turned 6 months old (January 17, 2015), she got her first tooth!! It broke through when she was with grandma and I felt it the next morning when we were at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I went to put some grits in her mouth and “ouch!!” She bit down and it was like puppy teeth (aka razor blade)

We were so excited. 

Only days layer, the second one came through….

Cute little teeth! 

I love this picture of her playing independently in the living room:

She used to have to be held all the time and would just cry when I put her down to clean or make a new bottle or dinner. Just recently, she has been becoming a little more independent and it has been great for both of us! 


To get her excited, I usually get really happy and go “Hattie!!!!” With my mouth wide open. It makes her smile and jump. However, monkey see monkey do…she started making me jaw dropping face all the times….

Ha ha. What a silly girl!!

It was the late hours of February 13th when Hattie Mae took her first crawl! My mom was staying with us and sadly bryce was working out of town 😦 

We were in awe that she finally put into motion what she had been trying to do for a long time! 

I can’t upload a video on my free blog, but it was a big moment!!


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Hattie: Month 6 (1st word & 1st tooth)

Happy New Year (umm even though it’s Allah February now). What a full month we have been having so far; holy cow!

So let’s start off with Hattie loving on her doggy:


She gets so excited to see her doggies when we get home big quickly gets annoyed with their wet noses up in her grill…don’t we all! Ha.

She is really coming into her own little personality these days and it’s so cute to watch her. She is so sassy! She even has a fake little gaspy whine-sob that she does to get us to feel sorry for her and cuddle her close. I know…already!! I wish I could get a recording of it. It’s like this damsel in distress type of noise. Ha.


She said her first word…twice! And both times it was “dad”…I wonder who the favorite is. Ha

One night she was fighting sleep pretty bad and I was holding her on the couch. My husband comes over to tell her to go to bed and he instantly just makes her smile and giggle or kick her feet. He leans over and says “baby!!” She smiles with her finger in her mouth and says “dad!” We both looked at each other like “holy crap, did you hear her just say dad?!” We thought there’s no way!! So he does it again…”baby” and she goes “hi daddy”.
We both were so tickled to hear her first little words.

Can’t get her to say it on demand yet though so no one will believe us. Ha ha.

She has said it so far one other time. I was holding her in the kitchen and she wasn’t feeling very good. I say “are you hungry baby? Or do your teeth just hurt?” She turns towards the door and cries “dad”. Awww she wanted her daddy to come home. It was the most precious thing.


Mark your calendars ladies & gentlemen…Hattie got her very first tooth on 01/17/2015!

My mom had taken her the night before to watch her overnight & I met them for breakfast the next morning to get her. I go to give her some grits on my finger and “ouch!!” OMG she has a freaking tooth!! I couldn’t believe it!! Our big little girl!
The second one cannot be far behind and she always had her fingers in her mouth, massaging her gums.
We give her those dissolving teething tablets at night to help soothe the pain. That seems to be when it bugs her the most because it’s accompanied with sleepiness.

(No image….can’t get a good one with her always moving! Ha)



But speaking of grandmas house, she got this cute outfit for her and a walker. Her short little legs still don’t reach the ground all the way, but she enjoys her Pooh bear that plays music on it…


All this cuteness and playtime with grandma allowed a much needed date night for my husband & I. It was a lovely evening!!



She can’t get up by herself yet, but she will sit up very well independently now! Such a big girl:


Still not crawling, but any day now!! She gets on her hands & knees and will rock back and forth. She gets so much momentum sometimes that she will just kind of face plant it. Ha ha. Silly girl.


Side fun…Hattie on her double date without friends son when we all went out for Mexican food:



Weight: 13.9lbs
Length: 25 inches

Favorites: dad, having a blanket fluffed over her face, stuffed animals, and her clothes!! She loves reaching in her closet and touching all her clothes. Lol

Teeth: one bottom front tooth

Accomplishments: sitting up, teething, first word, motor skills, mobility, and balance

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Hattie: Month 5 (boot-scoot and food)

Sorry I’ve been so distant. With work, online courses, and everyday life I forget about posting anything lengthy on the blog, but I need to keep up with these posts & documenting my little babe before I forget to mark all these milestones!

Month 5 was a big one in Hattie’s accomplishments so far. The first being that she now officially is quite the eater! She refused baby foods when I first introduced them at 4 months and then instantly wanted them. She will eat a whole jar of baby food, if not 2 and there is not one thing she won’t eat.
We get “BeechNut” brand which was given awesome reviews.
Hattie’s favorite flavor is squash, but also devours green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas.


Secondly on the accomplishment agenda is her mobility. Still not crawling, but she’s has mastered the art of what I call “the boot scoot”. Since her legs are favored apparently, she will roll on her tummy with her caboose high in the air & drag her head forward. Since that’s too much work, she’ll generally give up half way & roll the rest of the way. Ha ha. It’s so funny to watch. As soon as she finds the connection with her arms, we will have a crawler. Lord help us then!


We had our first big & horrible sickness & of course it was over Christmas holiday. Hattie (and I eventually contracted) had bronchitis. It lasted a good 2 weeks before clearing and it was the hardest thing to watch her suffer with a nasty, barky cough and congestion. We would alternate staying up with her and cuddle time. She would just sleep most of the day & cry when she was awake because she felt so horribly.
The coughs were so scary and we almost had to get imaging done, but fortunately it didn’t get to that point.
Here’s a view of our side table those weeks:


Not a can at all!! We didn’t have anyone in town for the holidays this year on Christmas Day itself, so it was just me, Hattie, my husband, and father-in-law. I felt so awesome as a hostess being so sick & ended up burning dinner. However…got cute video of Hattie opening up her first Christmas present. Here’s a screenshot:


My mom bought her the adorable tutu with matching headbow. So adorable!! Can’t even take it. She got a couple cute gifts from family including clothes and a book! Clothes are just too fun to buy for baby girls; I don’t blame them.

We did an early Christmas with my family knowing that everyone was going to be doing their own thing Christmas Day.
My grandma (GG to Hattie) is obsessed with anything gingerbread and got Hattie the cutest gingerbread dress to wear Christmas Day!!


Those cheeks, right!!! I love them! Even though she wasn’t feeling very hott, she was a trooper while the rest of the family played “head up”.

My grandma wore this broach that Hattie spent a good 20 minutes gazing at at touching. She loves jewelry and diamonds (such a girl) and my brother was convinced that she must have been a duchess in her previous life and we don’t doubt it at all!!


Hattie did end up getting better by New Years and sports the most adorable smile you could ask for!

Weight: 13.0lbs
Length: 23 inches
Favorite thing: doggies and food
Sleeping: sleeps through the night in crib
Teeth: almost!! You can see them beneath the gums wanting to poke through.


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Hattie: Month 4 (toes, babbling, & daddy-daughter day)

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. It’s been crazy with working, school, housework, loving on my family, and the holidays!!

Speaking of holidays, check out Hattie cake in her turkey bib (much thanks to Aunt Mary):


She won’t remember it I’m sure, but she was all about mashed potatoes. Ive been thinking that she’s ready for foods, but she still spits it out, so we will try next month. I know she hates the spoon especially because she will eat food mush off my finger, but not from the spoon….silly.


Hattie has woken up all of a sudden & fallen in love with her feet!!


It’s the funniest thing. She grabs her toes and talks to them and takes her socks off. It’s so cute. All of a sudden, she’s like “OMG these things are the coolest things I’ve ever seen!!”

Another awesome, new adventure is her trying to talk. Of course not talking in English….but babbling. So adorbs!! I can’t post video on my blog, but I have one of her talking away. It’s an open-mouthed, spitting, bubbly, theatrical performance and it makes me so proud. Baby steps to saying momma & daddy.


We have made the transition from bathtime with momma to bathtime in our bath chair…


Such a Dollie! She loves the water, but is still not certain about the cleaning process…she would rather just sit & kick.


I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, so Hattie had a daddy-daughter day. There was a minor meltdown that led to Bryce texting me his minor freak-out, but then they enjoyed a day of discovering feet & laughing.

Here’s how that day ended:


So cute!! Love those two!!


Well I should tell you how her 4 Month Wellness Check went…

She weighs 11lbs 10oz
23in in length (petite babe)
Holds up own head (still)
Conquering tummy-time
Eating 6-8oz per feeding

❤ her forever!!



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Hattie: Month 3 (giggles & grabbing)

I am always so proud of Hattie’s accomplishments…no matter how little or silly they might be. Everything that she learns makes me a proud momma!

I was sitting on the couch with Hattie sitting on my lap looking at me. All of a sudden, her bubblegum (pacifier) falls out of her mouth. She stares at it for a second, then reaches down, grabs it, and tries to put it back in her mouth. Eeeeeeek!! I was praising her like crazy! Such a proud moment!!

Since then, I’ve been so aware of how much her motor skills are matching her awareness. She will see something and teach for it. She will grab onto her stuffies or her toys, etc…at only 3 months!!

Big girl!


She evens attempts to hold her own bottle sometimes…like a diva of course!


Even though I’m still waiting for a full blown laugh, Hattie has become the cutest little giggle monster!!

She gets bored quickly with the ways in which she is amused, but I love seeing the smiles and giggles.




Look at her all decked out for Halloween 2014:



Cute little lion!! Haha. She kept eating the fuzz and got all sweaty, so it didn’t last very long, but it sure was cute!!!

This photo went vital the moment I sent it to my mom. She was showing everyone her little lion baby. I don’t blame her though…just so cute!!


Hattie’s personality keeps growing and she’s developing little characteristics that make her unique.

Look at her adorbs expressions during school picture day:





I’ll have to get back to you on growth once she has her 4 months wellness check 😉

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Hattie: Month 3 (pedialyte & pudging up)

We officially ended our 2nd month & are off to Month #3 in full swing. Hattie is in the 43rd percentile for her length/weight which is music to my ears after the weight complications we had in the beginning.

She drinks about 6oz per feeding at this stage and is pudging up beautifully!! I love her chunk and rolls.

I mean, just look at them cheeks:


She’s been doing superb at The Playhouse (daycare). Whenever I check on her, she’s doing wonderfully and usually sleeping. It makes me feel good to know that she can relax and be cozy there when I’m away.

They’ve been super helpful in teaching her to soothe herself with her pacifier instead of a bottle and laying in a crib. It’s great.


I got that call that every parent dreads from their daycares however…”something is wrong…she needs to go home”.
My poor baby!!! What happened???!!!

Poor presh had projectile vomited in the morning then spit up neon yellow mucus twice!!

I was blessed that my mom was off work that day and able to watch her since I had no coverage at work for the afternoon.
I felt so horrible that I could to cuddle her all day.
Fortunately it wasn’t worse than it was, but she had a little tummy virus & was put on a 24hr Pedialyte diet. She loved her juice.
When tj was time to re-introduce formula, we mixed it and she had her pink milk that she now demands!! Regular formula is just so boring! Lol.


She’s napping right now as I write this. It was a much needed sleep! She didn’t sleep very well last night and only took about 30 minute sporadic naps this morning.

It allowed me time to clean the house which was also much needed.

I actually hear her waking up, so I’ll leave you with some stats on the babe!!

9lb 10oz
Wearing size 3months
Hates footed pants but loves socks.
Favorite thing in the world is her giraffe, Sofie and teddy bear Snuffy.




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