Our current guest room is officially becoming the nursery, because it would be impossible to take away Bryce’s “hunting” room. Ha. We haven’t done the task of removing everything from that room just yet, but we will soon have to!!

Our theme is less theme and more colors…it’s a rustic shabby chic nursery with the following colors:
Gray, Teal, Mustard, and Cream.


We’re going to make it extremely family-involved. For example:
Pops: making the crib/changing station
Nana: sewing together the first baby blankets
Grandma: wall murals
Grandpa: shadow box & other hand-made contributions while in Maryland



    My mommy painted the walls:



    And we have our first pieces of furniture. It’s maple furniture but the finish looks like pickled oak:



    April 2014 Updates:

    My mom splurged big time on purchases for the baby shower. We made sure it was things we could still use in the nursery. It’s super adorbs with burlap, galvanized steel, birds, and shabby inspirations:




    I purchased a suitcase turntable from Urban Outfitters and I love it. My mom scored some stories on vinyl while antique shopping & I found a website for them as well:



    Bryce’s friend Jim and his wife handed us down their old baby gear including a car seat (a spare for us), a swing, and a bouncer. We were super grateful!! :



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