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Month 11 (big girl toys, pickles, & summer heat)

Month 11 has been so fun! Hattie is turning into such a big girl as she nears her 1 year birthday!! I feel like she changes & grows in her sleep every single night!

We haven’t had a wellness exam since she was 9 months old, so I couldn’t even tell you how much she has ACTUALLY grown, but it’s a big deal. She’s so petite and has always been a little behind in the sizes of clothing compared to her age. Up until last month, she has been in 6 months tops & 3 month bottoms. I know…lol. However, now her head won’t go through the holes & her legs are too chunky. She’s still petite; wearing 6-9 month tops & 6 month bottoms. If I even attempted to put her in 9-12 month bottoms, they would slide right off.


She has also grown up in her interests for toys. She is just totally over all the baby toys & wants to play with big girl toys 🙂

At the end of the day at her Princess School, they consolidate rooms & she gets a chance to play with big kids & big kid toys; like wooden puzzles & dolls. So I started looking in town for some big girl toys when I came across this gem of a kitchen!! I had a play kitchen when I was a little girl & I played with that kitchen until I left the house. Ha ha. It makes all kinds of fun noises & she already knows how to place the skillet & lids on the stove. She’ll be a Top Chef for sure.


Another big toy I found was an activity cube. We used to have one of these to play with at the dentist’s office when I was young. My brother & I would play with this cube forever & so I figured that Hattie would have a fun time with it as well.

She’s so smart & has already mastered all sides of the cube 🙂


I found the most adorable World Market rocking elephant as well. Here’s a screenshot of her enjoying her plush rocker from a video that I took. She’s a total cheerser these days, so the grin is a little extreme. Ha ha ha


Hattie has taken a sudden interest in pickles…proving once again how close the apple fell from her father’s tree. I swear; I wasn’t even the typical pregnant person who craved pickles, so she certainly didn’t get any from me in the womb. However, my husband demolishes pickles like a (typical) pregnant woman. He offered her some one day & she practically inhaled the whole fat pickle!!

She will sit on his lap & suck on the pickle; gutting it from the skin until it’s just totally gone. It’s so hilarious.

*work of caution, however…too much acidity from pickles lead to acidic bowels – which ultimately leads to bottom rashes & burning, so don’t let them eat too much pickle!!


I don’t know how frequently you watch the temperatures in Idaho, but it’s been another scorcher this summer. Idaho is known for its bipolar weather changes. We’ve seen all 4 seasons in one day on several occasions. Recently, though, the summer has been hot & dry (102-107*F), so it’s essential that we stay cool by either staying indoors or playing outside in shade & water.

We bought Hattie a plastic kiddie pool for splashing around in. The dog took it over, so Hattie took over the dog’s water bowl…


Ha ha ha. I couldn’t believe it. She loves water & usually splashes her hand in the water; which is nasty, so I usually just giggle & redirect her attention to something more sanitary. However, the other night, she went from hand splashing to toe splashing to leg dipping & then full-body squatting. Thank goodness my husband was quick with the trigger on his camera to capture her naughty action. Ha ha. It was so hilarious, but immediately wiped off the slobbery & hairy water.

Since the weather has been great, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors more & more. Even since then, however, we’ve noticed how much Hattie avoids touching grass. We’ve mentioned how much she admires dirt but grass…not so much.

We will sit her in the grass & she will lift her leg(s) like “oh hell no…this is nasty”. I was finally able to get it on camera, though…


Ha ha….


‘Toe-touches’ to avoid the grass. Ha ha ha

Amidst the heat comes the nasty ass bugs….like worms. Ew. Bryce saw one in the lawn and gave it to Hattie. I stood there just shivering in disgust; praying to God she wouldn’t tear it in half while putting it. Ha ha. Ugh it makes me shiver remembering it…


I just want to mention that Hattie got her first freckle. I didn’t really realize that they came on slowly or sporadically, but I noticed it one day while she was napping in my lap. I looked down & saw one tiny freckle on her right wrist. So adorable!! I looked all over for any other freckles, but that’s the first & only freckle on her little body…definitely to remember 🙂


I thought it would be a precious idea to take Hattie to Barnes & Noble to get a new book….without a stroller. Not recommended. Proceed with caution.

We show up, we go right to the kid section & she just LIT UP! It was so adorable to see her to excited & so happy in the book store….


until it all went downhill.

She was pulling all of the books off the shelves, running away from me with books in tow & almost ripped out several pages. I would pry her away & she would start screaming. Not just like whining either – screaming! I was THAT parent in public with a manic child. I was mortified. Had I put the stroller back in the car that day, I could have contained her more & enjoyed this book store moment, but now it’s one for the book of horrible decisions.

We left without a book…


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Hattie: Month 3 (giggles & grabbing)

I am always so proud of Hattie’s accomplishments…no matter how little or silly they might be. Everything that she learns makes me a proud momma!

I was sitting on the couch with Hattie sitting on my lap looking at me. All of a sudden, her bubblegum (pacifier) falls out of her mouth. She stares at it for a second, then reaches down, grabs it, and tries to put it back in her mouth. Eeeeeeek!! I was praising her like crazy! Such a proud moment!!

Since then, I’ve been so aware of how much her motor skills are matching her awareness. She will see something and teach for it. She will grab onto her stuffies or her toys, etc…at only 3 months!!

Big girl!


She evens attempts to hold her own bottle sometimes…like a diva of course!


Even though I’m still waiting for a full blown laugh, Hattie has become the cutest little giggle monster!!

She gets bored quickly with the ways in which she is amused, but I love seeing the smiles and giggles.




Look at her all decked out for Halloween 2014:



Cute little lion!! Haha. She kept eating the fuzz and got all sweaty, so it didn’t last very long, but it sure was cute!!!

This photo went vital the moment I sent it to my mom. She was showing everyone her little lion baby. I don’t blame her though…just so cute!!


Hattie’s personality keeps growing and she’s developing little characteristics that make her unique.

Look at her adorbs expressions during school picture day:





I’ll have to get back to you on growth once she has her 4 months wellness check 😉

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