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Month 9 (A Day in the Life)

I decided, on this Monday morning, to capture a day in the life of little Hattie. It’s the best day, because Mondays are my day off of work to spend with this muffin.

Hattie has been crib-trained since 3 months old, so she goes to sleep between 7:30 & 8:30pm. She will sleep through the night & wake up around 7:30am. Pretty dang good, right! That’s what I’m thinking.

So up with the sun at 7:00am this morning, I went to get her; all smiles.

We start our day off right with some baba & cartoons (her milk & my coffee of course). After watching a couple episodes of Octonauts, we go for something more hearty…some rice cereal mixed with applesauce & then top it off with Cheerios (because Cheerios are for winners).



I love watching her learn how to grab & examine things. She’s been at the pinch/grab stage for a while now, but it’s always fun to watch her look at things and try to figure them out. She loves little details, so will spend a good amount of time just looking at things. It’s precious.

When we’re done with breakfast, she likes to look out the back door to see if she can see the dogs running around. They’re usually being naughty & not by the door, so she gets distracted with little things or, in this case, my slippers…


She’s always on the go, though, so it doesn’t last too long in one spot…


I like to give her freedom & learn to get around on her own, but I really have to keep an eye on her because she’s fast on her little legs. In her adventures around the house, she will pull herself up onto anything & everything. She particularly likes to pull movies off of the bookshelves (mostly because she knows she’s not supposed to I think).


I usually have to corral her in the pack’n’play so that I can clean the house without worrying about her safety. It gives her some independence & allows me to do what I have to do to create a presentable living space before baby, hubby, & dogs turn it back into a disaster. Ha. It’s good for her to have some time to herself without me pulling her off of things, too, so the pack’n’play is a great way for her to investigate her toys & do her own thing with minimal supervision.

It’s usually only a couple of house in the morning before she’s ready for her morning nap. This is usually the biggest nap of the day for her. It’s as if she was ready for the day & then, never mind, I could use some more sleeps. It also allows me to get myself ready for the day while she snoozes & finish picking up a little bit.


Her room is the brightest room in the whole house. Not only does the sun fill up her room no matter where it’s shining from, but her room has a lot of yellow & buttercream tones in it. In order for her to have a good nap, we had to cover up her window with a blanket (aka…we’ve been too lazy to purchase a good shade for it). No big deal; it does the job.


Once wide awake again, it’s time to go play. It was our best intentions to meet GG at the park, but she had prior engagements with the grocery store (as would I if we hadn’t tackled that chore the day before). We headed out regardless to enjoy the weather.

Hattie is just now getting exposure to the great outdoors as the weather is getting better. So it only makes sense that this is her first summer she’ll maybe remember pieces of & is experiencing the outside for the first ‘real’ time.

At the park, we find a shady swing & go for a few pushes. She is a little hesitant at first with it & kind of scared at first, but gets distracted by watching the other kids play and then takes to it like a pro.


Just a few more pushes on the swing before we hit the slides…


I wasn’t able to capture the slide experience since she went down on my lap, but she really enjoyed it. When we got to the bottom, she was all-arms-out wanting to do it again; what an adrenaline junkie (oh man, I’m in trouble).

The kids were coming in a herd to the playground, so I decided to relocate to a calmer place. There were plenty of squirrels running about, so I parked the stroller under a big, shady tree & caught a few candids of Hattie examining ground-findings.



Naturally, most findings went straight into the mouth (it’s a good thing a little dirt never hurt anybody). She got lots of passer-byers stopping to say hello & say how cute she was. Such a tiny blessing she is. I think it’s those cheeks that draw people in. Ha ha.


Hattie is getting fonder of the grass. The first time we ever set her on it, she was like “ew ew ew…pick me up!” Ha. This time, it was a little better. She sat still for a little bit like “ugh…what do I do with this?” but then quickly started to see things that grabbed her attention; like sticks and this single blade of grass…


By the time we had circled the park, watched kids, watched squirrels, and touched all the trees, it was time to go home for some lunch and another nap (love naps!!).


The afternoons aren’t usually too eventful. I let her have some independent play, a nap after lunch, outside time with the dogs & seeing all of the flowers that are blooming around our property, and then usually just hang out.

We go back & forth between some educational cartoons, readings books, baking with mommy, crawling around & discovering, and this…just being a little kid…


I don’t like her getting into certain things in the house for her own protection or to teach her boundaries. However, there’s nothing wrong with turning a dog bowl into a drum station for a few minutes 🙂


“Mommy, is this okay?”


Though she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first, the kid that she is quickly discovered that it made noise & that’s really all that matters right now.

She has these plastic stacking cups (which were my favorite when I was young) and she learns how to stack smaller cups into bigger cups. It was so cute because, when she found the second dog bowl, she banged them against each other & then stacked one inside of the other. What a smart girl 🙂


After drum lessons; ahem, playing with the dog bowls, it was time for dinner. She eats so many things now (well…tries so many things). She actually still eats baby food with chunks in it for texture & finger snacks. However, the recommended foods that she can eat from our plates consist of soft cheeses, beans, well-cooked vegetables, and very small & mushy meats.

Tonight was a squash, sweet potato, peas dinner with some of mom’s feta cheese & finger snacks. It left her face very orange like usual, so it was off for a bath.

She LOVES bathtime. But what she loves even more is playing with her toy ducks that Uncle Brandon got her when she was in my tummy. They’re rubber duckies that look like decoys. Perfect!! They’re just the right size for her…


Out of the bath & into some fresh, clean jammies…time to get this little muffin calmed down & ready for bedtime. It usually takes about 2 hours to get her ready for sleeping. She can sometimes go down really quickly, but usually a couple of hours to wind down, relax, take a warm bottle, and go to sleep.


She started her winding down tonight by picking out a movie (aka taking every movie off of the shelf). We don’t actually watch any of the movies she tears off the shelf…but I like to let her think she’s doing something very wonderful in the process of bedtime routine. Ha.


Then it’s off to bed…

A day in the life of a 9 month old & her mommy really isn’t that bad at all! It’s a lot of work sometimes & I don’t always have my act together as far as a calm or patient composure, but I really do my best to provide a good life for Hattie that is filled with adventure, new things, learning opportunities, eclectic experiences, and routine.

I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to spend days like this with her because they’re going by so quickly and will just be memories before long.

We love you baby! Xoxo…


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