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Month 10 (first camping trip)

Memorial Weekend has arrived & the weather sucks! Ha ha. When we finally have the time off together & my husband is in town to enjoy a break from reality, it’s raining cats & dogs in the valley. Regardless of the poor conditions, we hit the road anyway for a family camping trip. We have a trailer this year and figured “even if we’re sitting in the trailer playing cards all weekend, it’s better than being stuck in town”.

We met some friends up at Warm Lake for some little relaxation. They have a son who is only about 6 weeks apart from Hattie in age, so it was perfect.

On the way up, there was rain, thunder, lightning, car accidents, hazard lights, and my feet on the dashboard – shaking in horror as my husband drives unaffected by the hydroplaning.

The trip isn’t too terribly long, but I planned for a baby in the car EXTRA particularly. Here was our backseat to-go bag:

-toys & felt books
-travel cooler with empty bottle, water bottle, and formula-mixed bottle
-puffs finger snacks in a no-spill cup
-pacifier & emergency pacifier
-change of clothes
-essentials (diapers, wipes)

Ha ha. We figured that sticking our dog in the backseat would keep Hattie company during the trip since she LOVES her Cabela dog.

IMG_3817 - Copy


As soon as we got to our camp spot, we noticed the storm cloud veer around us & instantly blue skies!! Hooray; it’s going to be gorgeous just for us!! How lucky.

The first thing we did after setting up camp was get a family photo by the creek that ran by our site.




We really lucked out that the storms went around our site for the whole weekend. We really got to enjoy the most perfect weather!!

Hattie LOVED camp food…potatoes, eggs, sausage links, hot dogs, etc…all the good American stuff! But what she loved to put in her mouth the MOST was dirt. Ha ha. Every time I would look at her, she was examining something on the ground to thoroughly enjoy in her mouth. Needless to say she got incredibly messy…


Dad wanted to throw his fishing poles in the water, so we made a drive up to the lake & let the babies get nakey-butt to soak in some sunshine.



Watching her enjoy nature for the first time (aside from our backyard or the park) was so delightful. Just letting her get dirty, pick up mysterious pieces of grass or flowers or dirt was precious. My favorite was seeing her do this with her dad as this is his stomping ground. I just know that, as she grows, they’ll be bonding even more together in the mountains between hunting, shed searching, hiking, fishing, etc…


IMG_3794 IMG_3793


Mention-able moments would have to include watching Hattie’s face light up sitting by the campfire for the first time & watching everyone stuff their faces with smores. She was a little jealous that we didn’t share the flaming ball of fluff with her (rightfully so), but she did get a couple small nibbles on a mallow.

It was difficult to get her to nap or sleep while we were in the trailer mainly because it is an unfamiliar setting, but we got it together by the last day. She was able to sleep independently in her pack-in-play so we didn’t break the crib-sleeping while away from home which is important.

We were able to get her out on our Can-Am UTV as well which was so fun. We didn’t have a way to buckle her in, so I wore her in a baby harness on my chest while I was buckled up. Of course we stayed on trail & didn’t exceed certain speeds for her safety. It was so cute, though. With all the serene surroundings, she fell asleep during our scenic ride. It was really nice for us to have that moment where we could sit on the top of the mountain & overlook everything. We rarely get a moment like that to ourselves with a curious & busy baby. Though she missed out on a beautiful view, it was nice to soak it in ourselves & should have captured it on camera (but my phone was shut off during that drive).

More camping trips to come for sure…



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Week 25 (a kick to the ribs & baby trees)

This week hasn’t been too eventful (which should be apparent in my lack of updates; sorry). Just been trucking along for the most part. I’m happy that I haven’t gained any extra weight this week, though I feel like I’ve gained probably 100lbs by the way my body has started to react to my breathing. Let me explain…I can’t breathe! Ha. I have to take long, deep inhales; especially after eating. I feel like such a chubb-o when doing this and I don’t know why, but my capability to just breathe normal has flown out the window.
If I don’t think about it, I think I’m breathing normally, but I feel short of breath a lot quicker and, like I said, after eating meals, I usually have to sprawl out to allow my tummy to stretch & end up breathing super heavily to feel like I’m full of the air I need.

I was sitting at my desk at work this week (Wednesday) when I felt a giant jab in my right rib. I placed my hand over the brutally punctured location just in time to feel baby rolling around and give a giant kick once again to my rib. Ha ha. Thanks a lot kid!
My coworker, Erin, got to feel her during this new kicking location. That’s the first person outside of me & Bryce that has felt her.
My mom is definitely looking forward to feeling some lumps and kicks, but hasn’t been around yet while she’s been super active. She will be over this weekend to paint the nursery (yay), so maybe at that time, she’ll feel a few movements.


I have baby trees! I’m so excited about this. Upon deciding to buy the house we’ve been renting, I knew that I could finally be comfortable with putting money into it. We have 1 shade tree in our backyard and 1 tree in our front yard that’s the typical one they give you in a subdivision home…no shade…hardly any branches…just a sticky, twiggy thing. So, I started searching for trees/shrubs that would grow in our zone (7).

I found that, if you donate $10 to the National Arbor Day Foundation, they send you 10 baby trees as a thank you. I went to look for more that they offered on their sight for sale and have found them to be extremely affordable, so I ordered a couple more.

I cannot wait to start planting my baby trees once it stops raining so that we can watch them grow with our little girl.
The one that grows the fastest, I’m going to put in our front yard; in front of baby’s nursery window so she can watch HER tree grow 🙂


Haven’t tried any new recipes lately since the last few have been a total bust; so nothing to update in the food department. Sorry!

Have been trying to watch what I eat a little closer these days as I’m approaching my #3 trimester and don’t wanna swell like a balloon. Ha. However…I have found my long lost love of ice cream sandwiches. I was sitting on the couch one day, looked over at my husband, and said “can you please eat an ice cream sandwich so I can just watch?” Ha ha…that was my lowest fat-person moment. He was kind enough to split one with me so I didn’t feel as guilty 🙂

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