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Month 10 (more teeth, bows, at the lake, & WALKING)

My mother came to visit while my husband was out of town which always means trouble> ha. It’s always a good thing for me, but dangerous for my husband because it means shopping & craft-time.

I’m shamelessly put on blast for putting Hattie in giant bows. My husband laughs about it while griping, so I haven’t stopped. Tee hee. They’re just so girly and adorable!!

So while my mom was in town, we hopped over to the craft store to make Hattie some more bows to match some new clothes that she bought. That’s only the appropriate thing to do after all.

Here’s how THAT went…

IMG_4156[1] IMG_4157[1]

IMG_4159[1] IMG_4158[1]


The only responses I got were

“go home, you’re drunk”
“my poor baby”
etc… ha ha.

Poor little girl has FOUR (yes, 4..omg) teeth coming in right now; all on top, all side by side, all together..at the same time. Poor Hattie is in so much discomfort as you can possibly imagine. Even with gum massages, baby orajel, homeopathic teething tablets, and ibuprofen to keep her fever down, she struggles with getting comfortable & relaxed enough to sleep.

Though it can get hard for me, I have to remember how miserable she is, so I pull myself together and stay up as late as I need to help her get cozy and fall asleep.

Thanks to my mom’s brilliance, she showed me how to such up some water in her pacifier & freeze it. Hattie totally loved sucking on the frozen pacifier. It helped numb the pain a little bit I think.
It was pretty funny the first time, because I didn’t notice that she had placed the pacifier in the ice tray. I went to get myself a cold drink & out pops a binky into my glass. Ha ha. It was the funniest thing.

Back to the mountains we went; but this time we left the trailer at home and stayed in grandpa’s cabin. It was so lovely; located right on the lake! Hattie was fascinated with the lake, the sand, and the boat!!

IMG_3934 IMG_3935


It was so precious to see Hattie in this setting with her Grandpa Allen. Though him & dad were busy fishing most of the time, I was able to get this candid and it’s so precious…

IMG_3920 IMG_3919

The first thing we did was put the boat on the water. Hattie sat on my lap & watched as the water splashed onto the boat. After playing in the sun & snacking on some shortbread cookies (thank you Grandma Yvette), she was rocked to sleep by the slow water-rocking.

IMG_3918 IMG_3929


Back on shore, dad caught lots of fish & we were all very excited to see how Hattie would react. She did so good. I figured that, once it started wiggling, she would kind of freak out, but she wanted to hold the fish, hug the fish, put the fish in her mouth, and pat its face. Ha ha. She’s definitely her dad’s daughter 🙂


Gosh, seriously…what a totally busy month it has been for Month 10!! Not only has she had multiple growth spurts (it’s like a whole new baby when I go get her in the mornings sometimes), new teeth, firsts in the mountains, and now WALKING!!

She’s taken a step or two before just followed by an immediate collapse, but mainly holds herself up on furniture to move around.

Well, we were over at our neighbor’s house for dinner one night. She was incredibly fussy & did NOT want to eat dinner. All she wanted to do was sit on the floor and play with toys. Well, in an honest effort to be a better parent than letting my kid do whatever they want by throwing a fit, I held out until we were done with dinner and then let her down on the floor while we cleared the table. Withing moments of setting her down, she stood up & started making steps. My husband just starts shouting “Cami watch; she’s walking. Look at her; she’s walking!!”


This is just a screenshot from the video that was taken (still so sad that I cannot upload video on this blog, but it’s on social media). She took several steps and then fall on her bum & then take several steps. She didn’t even want to crawl. It’s as if, in just one instance, she decided she wanted to walk & was determined to master it in one evening. TOTALLY INCREDIBLE!!!

Since that night, she’s been a bumbling baby drunk & running into every corner, sharp object, hard floors, doors, and people. Ha ha. It’s only bound to happen that she’s going to be bumped & bruised at this stage, but my nerves cannot handle any more right now…about to wrap her in bubble wrap; I swear!!


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Hattie: Month 6 (1st word & 1st tooth)

Happy New Year (umm even though it’s Allah February now). What a full month we have been having so far; holy cow!

So let’s start off with Hattie loving on her doggy:


She gets so excited to see her doggies when we get home big quickly gets annoyed with their wet noses up in her grill…don’t we all! Ha.

She is really coming into her own little personality these days and it’s so cute to watch her. She is so sassy! She even has a fake little gaspy whine-sob that she does to get us to feel sorry for her and cuddle her close. I know…already!! I wish I could get a recording of it. It’s like this damsel in distress type of noise. Ha.


She said her first word…twice! And both times it was “dad”…I wonder who the favorite is. Ha

One night she was fighting sleep pretty bad and I was holding her on the couch. My husband comes over to tell her to go to bed and he instantly just makes her smile and giggle or kick her feet. He leans over and says “baby!!” She smiles with her finger in her mouth and says “dad!” We both looked at each other like “holy crap, did you hear her just say dad?!” We thought there’s no way!! So he does it again…”baby” and she goes “hi daddy”.
We both were so tickled to hear her first little words.

Can’t get her to say it on demand yet though so no one will believe us. Ha ha.

She has said it so far one other time. I was holding her in the kitchen and she wasn’t feeling very good. I say “are you hungry baby? Or do your teeth just hurt?” She turns towards the door and cries “dad”. Awww she wanted her daddy to come home. It was the most precious thing.


Mark your calendars ladies & gentlemen…Hattie got her very first tooth on 01/17/2015!

My mom had taken her the night before to watch her overnight & I met them for breakfast the next morning to get her. I go to give her some grits on my finger and “ouch!!” OMG she has a freaking tooth!! I couldn’t believe it!! Our big little girl!
The second one cannot be far behind and she always had her fingers in her mouth, massaging her gums.
We give her those dissolving teething tablets at night to help soothe the pain. That seems to be when it bugs her the most because it’s accompanied with sleepiness.

(No image….can’t get a good one with her always moving! Ha)



But speaking of grandmas house, she got this cute outfit for her and a walker. Her short little legs still don’t reach the ground all the way, but she enjoys her Pooh bear that plays music on it…


All this cuteness and playtime with grandma allowed a much needed date night for my husband & I. It was a lovely evening!!



She can’t get up by herself yet, but she will sit up very well independently now! Such a big girl:


Still not crawling, but any day now!! She gets on her hands & knees and will rock back and forth. She gets so much momentum sometimes that she will just kind of face plant it. Ha ha. Silly girl.


Side fun…Hattie on her double date without friends son when we all went out for Mexican food:



Weight: 13.9lbs
Length: 25 inches

Favorites: dad, having a blanket fluffed over her face, stuffed animals, and her clothes!! She loves reaching in her closet and touching all her clothes. Lol

Teeth: one bottom front tooth

Accomplishments: sitting up, teething, first word, motor skills, mobility, and balance

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Week 39 (prodromal labor & the waiting game)

As week 39 is coming to a finale & I’m approaching my due date, it only makes sense that I would be having labor signs by now. Labor signs I have had, too.

There’s this little thing called “prodromal labor” however which is a wicked little bitch.

Prodromal Labor: begins as a traditional labor does but does not progress to the birth of the baby. Also known as false labor, this stage produces signs such as contractions, colostrum, and dislodging of the mucus plug, but does not lead to true labor.

Sounds awesome…but it’s not! Lol. I spent our 4th of July weekend contracting and anticipating baby only to have a massive let down.

Starting right after the fireworks show on the 4th (10:40pm), I started getting moderate contractions lasting about 90 seconds about 6-7 minutes apart. This went on for about 2 hours and then tapered, so we went to bed. The next morning, nothing…

I went in around 1:30 that afternoon to get my membranes stripped. By that, I mean be brutally assaulted. Ha. I heard it would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t really know what to expect. Let me paint you a picture…
The doctor gloves up and lubes up. The uses the force of one hand to press firmly down on your stomach while using the other hand to rip apart your amniotic sac from your cervix. I heard tearing and squirting and assumed that my insides had just ruptured. I was talking through it but took a moment to say “holy f***” only to instantly apologize for swearing.

We went into town before heading home to walk around and let the induction process begin. I has pink-tinged discharge that whole day!

On the evening of July 5th, I started getting stronger contractions lasting 60-90 seconds about 4-5 minutes apart, but no pain. We had company over, I made a pie, and was able to talk through them so I didn’t think much of it. I called the hospital and they advised I come in “if I want”. It was 11:30 at night when we decided to just go check before it’s too late. The hospitalist said my contractions were really close and consistent, but I was still only dilated to a 2, so I opted to go home to a suffer with false labor in the comfort of our own abode.

I was told to come back in when the contractions became painful, but spend the next day (up to today) without any further contractions.

It becomes so discouraging to physically go through the steps of early labor & emotionally exhausting to go through the anticipation only to be shut down and turned to just wait.

*heavy sighs*

So here I am, the day before my expected due date, sitting at work and waiting for signs of progression.

I have an appointment tomorrow to see if I’ve progressed at all. I’m always excited for those appointments but I feel like I may have a slight meltdown tomorrow if the news is “nothing new”.

I am a little worried for the next potential steps:

1. Induction. I’ve heard from moms that this is miserable. Instead of your body naturally going through the steps, medicine forces your body to do it. Once induced, you have 12 hours for your body to get the hint or else:

2. C-section. Not preferred at all! Not only do you have to go through the physical restrictions of a recovery, but you miss out on the skin-to-skin and that immediate bonding time 😦

I just don’t do well with things that are out of my control. Playing the waiting game has been the hardest part of my pregnancy!!

But…I guess The Lord just isn’t done making her all that she is destined to be:

“I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139:14

So I shall be patient. Sooner than later, the day will come and this waiting will seem like only a little pebble of sand falling in the sands of time of our new life as a family.


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Week 15 (running nose vs no running at all)

Like magic, I was reading the details of common Week 15 body changes, and it was happening as I was reading. I have been suffering from “runny-nose” syndrome but I wasn’t sick. You know, where you just constantly feel like you have to blow your nose, but it’s just mucus, not boogers? Oh come on…if you’re pregnant or a mother, that shouldn’t be gross to you. Well that’s what I was experiencing. Come to find out, this has a name: rhinitis of pregnancy.

So it read “Higher amounts of estrogen during pregnancy can contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and even cause you to make more mucus.”

Well it’s better than being sick, I suppose, but it’s kind of obnoxious. Blowing my nose wipes off my makeup; making it all pinkish in color unlike the fleshy tones surrounding my nostrils…girl problems.

Well, if you are suffering, BabyCenter offers some tips for relief. Here you go:

Steam can temporarily relieve congestion and it’s often very soothing. Take a warm shower and hang out for a while afterward in the steamy bathroom. Or moisten a washcloth with hot water, hold it up to your face, and breathe.

  • Try saline nose drops or a buffered saline nasal spray, available over the counter at the drugstore. Spritz or drip a bit into each nostril and within five or ten minutes you should be able to blow your nose more easily.

  • Use a humidifier or vaporizer to put more moisture into the air and keep it near your head at night. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions that came with your humidifier. Change the water daily since it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. You’ll need to replace the filter often as well.

  • Use extra pillows to elevate your head when lying down to rest or sleep.

  • Exercise sometimes helps to ease a stuffy nose. Avoid exercising outdoors on days when there’s a lot of air pollution, which may irritate your nasal passages and make your congestion worse.

  • Avoid potential irritants, such as cigarette smoke, alcohol, paint and chemical fumes (all of which you should be avoiding anyway!), as well as anything that triggers your symptoms.

Feel better all you fellow sufferers of pregnancy rhinitis…this too shall pass…and give you something else to think about like swollen ankles, a mandatory sleeping position, and heartburn. Ha ha.

Ironically, as my nose is running…I am not. It of course suggests that you get moving while pregnant. Get moving as in get walking. I have been avoiding walking like the plague because of the cold weather (see my previous post about the crappy inversion we’re suffering from). I already have a runny nose…I don’t need pneumonia. Bryce {my husband} suggests that I get a gym membership up the road from our house just to utilize their treadmills. He’s always looking out for my well-being when I am not to avoid me regretting not doing something to keep in shape during pregnancy. He’s such a doll! It’s a pretty affordable membership with no contract, so I should probably take him up on the idea, I just hate gyms. People watching you, judging you, wondering why you’re just walking instead of actually working out, the underlying feeling of needing to justify yourself to everyone {“oh I’m just walking because I’m pregnant…yeah. I would lift those weights, but I can’t…you know the pregnancy thing…yeah”}. *sigh*…if it would just warm up…it would solve everything in the exercising department. But now I’m just repeating myself. I’ll have to weigh out my options I suppose so that I’m doing something to get myself moving.

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Week 15 (a late 14 week pic & taking care of myself)

Happy Friday!

I’m so tickled this morning. Not only did I finally get my 14 week picture taken & uploaded into my social media feed {finally}, but it’s Friday, I got to sleep an extra hour this morning, had 2 deep dreams, and our friends are coming into town tonight to munch up some dinner with us. Yay me!

Here I am at 14 weeks {practically 15 weeks by the time I got the picture taken}:


Bryce says that I’m finally showing + that I need to start rubbing lotions on my belly to prevent stretch marks. I didn’t think I was to that point yet, but he’s right. The sooner I start, the less likely I am to suffer from scarring. As little at a time my stomach is stretching, it is nonetheless stretching, so I need to be taking care of my body a lot more now.

I’ve been doing a good job nutritionally to make sure that I’m making healthy choices, but have kind of neglected other aspects of caring for myself. I HATE working out. I really don’t like it + I think it’s because I haven’t found that thing that is motivating for me. I have a workout DVD {Knocked Up Fitness} that I have been doing and it has been really awesome, but I should be walking. Between having a desk job + chilly weather, I haven’t been walking + I need to be doing that! I haven’t been caring for my skin, either, with lotions + cocoa butters, so I need to get on that, too….starting today!

That being said, I need to start taking control of taking care of me…so here is me thinking aloud real quick…using my blog as my doodle pad real quick:

Monday – Friday:
4:00pm: 30 minutes Knocked Up Fitness Routine
4:30pm: stretch + then walk the dogs
5:30pm: shower + cocoa butter up the belly
6:30pm: dinner for pups + start dinner for us

Okay…see…it’s totally do-able! I can do this. Ha.

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