Week 27 (nesting and showering)

It has been so much fun getting things in the nursery!! My mom got done painting the walls. Well, okay, let me start with the theme. It’s like a fairy tale princess woodland theme. Since that’s kind of confusing, it’s mainly all white, cream, gray, light mustard yellow, and turquoise.

My mom painted white birch trees on the walls:




Once that was on the walls, we were able to put things in there. The curtain rod was too short (darn) so we have yet to put that up.

We were going to use hand-me-down furniture from Bryce’s parents but I wanted white to keep a soft look in the room. Found some used for sale that an older couple was selling before leaving to canada. It’s maple wood but the finish looks like pickled oak…in pictures it looks pink but it’s not đŸ™‚



I’m needing to find a rug and don’t know what color to do…decisions, decisions. Can’t wait to keep adding things here and there.


On another exciting note, I bought my baby shower invites!! We are gonna do a brunch on a Saturday in May. Finger sandwiches, salads, lemonades, etc.

Here’s the proof, but we are gonna add more to them which I’ll post when the date gets closer.



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